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Name: Donald F. Hayde  Click Name to Contact

Date:   May 14, 2019

Relationship:   Family of USS Cabot Crew Member

How Did You Find vf31.com:   Cabot Association


My fatLt. Russel gave the OK her served as a 20mm gunner with the ships Marine Detachment. He had made friends with an aircrew gunner in VF-31 and was pestering him to see if he could get a ride on an anti sub patrol. He said as long as its OK with my pilot and the pilot turned out to be Lt Russel,"The Beast".Lt. Russel gave the OK and the gunner got my father dressed out in the ready room,had him go up on the flight deck to the plane with his goggles down and instructed him, 'Dont touch anything" So my father went off the ship on a 4 hour anti sub patrol and landed. Technically, he was AWOL for those 4 hours, but i guess it was a trip he couldn't pass up. He was always grateful to Lt Russel for that hop!!!


Name: Philip J Hunt  Click Name to Contact

Date:   February 14, 2018

Relationship:   Family of AG-31 Member

How Did You Find vf31.com:   Search Engine


My grandfather was VT-31 pilot James T. Hunt Jr. I was glad to find this site and appreciate that there is something to honor this groups story.


Name: KIM W. Schillig  Click Name to Contact

Date:   May 15, 2017

Relationship:   Family of AG-31 Member

How Did You Find vf31.com:   Search Engine


My father Roger W. Schillig AM 1c was an enlisted man whose skipper was Commander Bruce Weber of VF31. He passed away in July 1991. He left me with a lot of documents including a year book for the entire squadron. I am in the process of scanning the entire book and would like to share it with this website. I also remember him telling that he designed the logos for the both te "Flying Meat Axe" and "Woody Wood Pecker on the Torpedo". I have the original renderings for these and would like to also share them. There is also other documents to share. I am not sure how to do this. Please contact me if you are interested.

Kim W. Schillig


Name: Mike O'Connor  Click Name to Contact

Date:   April 14, 2016

Relationship:   Other

How Did You Find vf31.com:   Search Engine


I am writing a book on the 56 Navy pilots who shot down five enemy aircraft in one day, therein becoming 'aces in a day.'

VF-31 had two such aces - Connie Nooy and Art Hawkins.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information on those two gentlemen.


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