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Name: Robert Rubino  Click Name to Contact

Date:   April 10, 2016

Relationship:   Family of AG-31 Member

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My father Ensign A.P. Rubino was a pilot assigned to VT-31 December 1944 for a 2nd tour of duty. He was a pilot with Torpedo Squadron 31. He will be celebrating his 94th birthday on May 11, 2016. We are having a family reunion the weekend of May 6th - 8th and surprise birthday party.

As part of the events I am putting together pictures from his flight training and time on the U.S.S.Belleau Wood and information from your website about VT-31. Thanks for compiling all of this information. It is amazing what this Air Group accomplished not to mention their dedication to our country.

Rob Rubino, oldest son of Ens. A.P. Rubino


Name: Gerry McMillan  Click Name to Contact

Date:   March 24, 2016

Relationship:   Family of USS Belleau Wood Crew Member

How Did You Find vf31.com:   Search Engine


Hi, Just found the sight. Great memories. My dad, Howard McMillan served on the Belleau Wood in the South Pacific, flying the F6. Take a look at the VF-31 squadron picture (Flying Meataxes), locate the absolutely smallest guy in the picture; that's dad at age 22. He went on to fly the Navy's first combat jet,the F9F, VF-781,from the carrier Bon Homme Richard in Korea and later flew for Western Airlines, based in Los Angeles, CA.His dad, also named Howard, was among the first SeaBees in WWII,also serving in the South Pacific on Tulagi; he was 48 when he volunteered. As an aside, when the Korean conflict broke,the entire VF-781 squadron at Los Alamitos NAS and most of its support personnel volunteered en- masse to go to Korea; the only such event in Naval history at the time: see Time Magazine,1951. It's quite a thrill to see the names of some of the pilots I grew up around. I owe them everything. Thank you and take care. Gerry


Name: David W. Dunn  Click Name to Contact

Date:   January 18, 2016

Relationship:   Family of USS Cabot Crew Member

How Did You Find vf31.com:   Cabot Association


I am looking for information on AMM3c William S. Koch, who was killed in a training mishap on September 19, 1943 while serving on board the USS Cabot, CVL 28 during its second month of operation while on its shakedown cruise in Trinidad, British West Indies. He may have been involved when Ens. Robert Vance BENNETT died as his plane crashed. Not reported in the ship's log were others killed the same day.

He was part of VT31 group. Any information anyone would have about the incident or if there is any information about the circumstances would be appreciated. He was my wife's mother's brother and the family never heard what really happened that day.

Thanks for looking. David W. Dunn, Strasburg, PA


Name: Nathan L Salminen  Click Name to Contact

Date:   March 19, 2015

Relationship:   Family of AG-31 Member

How Did You Find vf31.com:   Search Engine


I am the grandson of Werner L Salminen and he had told me many stories about the most memorable moments with VF31 and fighting over in the Pacific theatre. I have a few photos from then along with his graduation class from St.Olaf MN. My grandfather has since passed which has been about 2yrs but the stories and memories will be passed on, if there is anything I can do to contribute let me know, also if anybody personally knew my grandfather while in service, it would be great to hear stories or anything about him. Thanks to those who gave everything during a great time of need and thanks for your service!


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