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B-WeberCommander Bruce S. Weber:

Entered the Naval Aviation Cadet Program in July 1936. He earned his wings at Pensacola, Florida in September 1937.  His first assignment was aboard the USS Enterprise. He also completed tours with VB-6, VF-6 and VB-2 aboard the USS Lexington.

At the outbreak of war Lt. Weber was a flight instructor at the Naval Reserve Aviation Base at St. Louis, Missouri. He was promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander in March 1943 and was assigned as CO of VC-34.  In August 1943 VC-34 was redesignated VF-34 and deployed to Munda Airfield on New Georgia in the Solomon Islands. The squadron moved to Green Island Airfield on Nissian Island, near Bougainville, part of Papua New Guinea in March 1944. Lt Commander Weber served there until July 1944, leading air attacks against Japanese entrenchments on New Britain and Rabaul.  He was awarded three Air Medals and the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Returning stateside, from August 1944 to March 1945, Lt. Commander Weber became CO of VF-98 and AG-98 at NAS Los Alamitos, Long Beach, California.

After the accident that took Lt. Commander Wallace in March of 1945 Lt. Commander Weber became Commander of Air Group 31 and was deployed  aboard the USS Belleau Wood,  as part of Task Force 58 for the last big push to the Japanese Home Islands. Bruce Weber was promoted to Commander in July 1945.

Engagements flown by Commander Weber while CO of Airgroup 31:

  • July 10, 1945 - Kumagaya Airfield Tokyo
  • July 25, 1945 - Yokaichi Airfield
  • July 28, 1945 - Kure Harbor - Japanese Battle Ship ISE and Cruiser Aoba sunk
  • July 31, 1945 - Kagamigahara Airfield - Nagoya

Medals Awarded to Commander Weber

  • Navy Cross
  • Distinguished Flying Cross
  • Air Medal
  • Gold Star in lieu of 2nd Air Medal
  • Gold Star in lieu of 3rd Air Medal

After the war Commander Weber was commander of Airgroup 17 from 1949-1950. He commanded the fleet oiler USS Cacapon (AO-52) from July 1958 to May 1960 and was CO of NAS Guantanamo during the Cuban Missile Crisis. His final duty assignment was Director of Operational Evaluation, Training, and Testing Doctrine on the joint staff at the North American Air Defense Command. He retired with the rank of Captain in 1968 after 32 years service.

Captain Bruce S. Weber passed away suddenly in Arizona on February 10, 2003.

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