Palau Islands

September 6, 1944:

Aircraft from VF-31 and VT 31 were launched for another strike on the Palau Islands. Two barges were set fire in the harbor but there was no enemy air opposition and only slight AA fire was encountered.

Another strike in the evening bombed and strafed AA positions at Koror Harbor. A torpedo plane from VT-31 scored bomb hits on an ammunition dump on Arakabesan Island which sent a 1,500 foot column of smoke into the air, resembling a phosphorus shell explosion.

The following day USS Cabot along with other ships of Task Force 38 set course for the Philipines.

September 10, 1944:

East of Mindanao one fighter sweep dropped incendiaries and bombs over the central part of the City of Davao on Mindanao. The town was left covered by smoke and flames. On return, a fighter strafed and set  a PT boat on fire on the east side of Davao Gulf.

The following day, Ens. John J. Arnold and Ens. Jerome L. Wolf were taken aboard as members of Fighter Squadron 31.

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