Lt (jg) Haig Elezian

Lieutenant (jg) Haig Elezian Navy Pilot of Fighter Sqadron 31 - Photo taken in 1943Lieutenant (jg) Haig Gregor Elezian Jr:

Born in Chicago, Illinois on June 4, 1922

Attended Wilber Wright College in Chicago under the Navy Cadet Training Program, then entered Naval Flight Training at NAS Glenview in August of 1942 then transferred to Corpus Christi NAS (Texas) in October of 1942. He graduated flight training, earned his wings, and was given his commission as an ensign in March 3, 1943.

His first squadron assignment was to the newly formed Fighter Squadron 43 (VF-43) in June of 1943.  Ensign Elezian, along with the the other members Fighter Squadron 43 (VF-43) were ordered to combine with Fighter Squadron 31 (VF-31) at Atlantic City Naval Air Station in October of 1943, doubling the size of the fighter wing of Air Group 31.

Lt (jg) Elezan was part of Division 2 consisting of 4 hellcat fighter aircraft.

While with Division 2 of Fighter Squadron 31 (VF-31) aboard the USS Cabot Lieutenant (jg) Elezian participated in the battles of the Marshall Islands (January 29 to February 8 1944), in the battles of the Caroline Islands (February 16 - April 1 and April 29 - May 1 1944), in the battles for Hollandia (April 21 - 25 1944), in the battle of the Marianas (June 6 - 20 1944), and the 3rd Bonin Islands battle (July 4 1944).

Lt (jg) Haig Elezian lost his life while engaged with enemy fighter aircraft
near the island of Iwo Jima in the Bonin Islands group on July 4, 1944


Lt. (jg) Nooy's account of July 4, 1944:

"It was a pre dawn fighter sweep up in the Bonin Islands on Iwo Jima. We ran into a real hot Jap outfit and had our hands full.  Planes were being shot down all over the sky and I couldn't tell whether they were Japs or ours.  I finally got separated and ended up fighting by myself on the deck. Finally I ran out of ammunition and started home.  En route I picked up one of our boys shot up, Ens. Osborne, further on we found two lost pilots and brought them all home. This Ens. Osborne was the last to see Haig, together they had been chasing a Jap when from nowhere tracers started flying past their wings.  Osborne broke right and Haig left and that was the last seen.  Osborne got shot up bad but finaly managed to get away.  We didn't hold much hope for Haig or the other two boys lost in that area for the Japs, after what they had gone through, weren't in a receptive mood.  However we searched the area before returning with negative results, to my knowledge no additional word has been given."

Division 2 Pilots -  Lt. Mencin, Lt. (jg) Elezian, Lt. (jg) Loomis, Lt. (jg) Osborne

Lt. Mencin,  Lt. (jg) Elezian, Lt. (jg) Loomis, Lt. (jg) Osborne

Engagements flown in which Lieutenant (jg) Elezian received meritorious mention:

Medals Awarded to Lieutenant (jg) Elezian while serving with VF-31

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