Lt. Edward Toaspern

Lt. (jg) Ed Toaspern - World War 2 naval Ace with 7 aerial victories aboard USS Belleau Wood 1945Lieutenant (jg) Edward Walter Toaspern

Navy Ace with 7 Aerial Victories to his credit

Was born in Barryville, NY on January 4, 1924

He enlisted in the US Naval Reserve Aviation Cadet Program on July 21, 1942 at Squantum, MA. Upon graduation he accepted his appointment as Ensign and received his wings.

Ensign Toaspern reported to Pensacola NAS (Naval Air Station) for active duty on November 16, 1943. On March 20, 1944 he reported to San Diego Naval Air Station and on April 15, 1944 he was assigned to VF-100.

Ensign Toaspern reported to the Carrier Replacement Pool on Eniwetok (Navy Base 3237) on June 20, 1944 and awaited assignment to active duty with one of the Air Groups in Task Force 58.

Ensign "Smiley" Toaspern reported for duty aboard the USS Cabot (CVL-28) on August 22, 1944 as part of VF-31 and participated in strikes on Palau and the Philippines. On September 13, he was credited with 2 kills (Oscars) and 2 probables in action over Negros. On September 21, over Clark Field, he got 2 kills (Tonys), destroyed 1 plane on the ground and scored a direct bomb hit on a large building.

After VF-31 was rotated out of active duty on October 4, 1944 Ensign Toaspern was kept in the pacific theater and on October 26, 1944 he was reassigned to VF-18 aboard the USS Intrepid (CV-11).  There he achieved Ace status on November 25, 1944 with his 5th aerial victory (Tojo) which he shot down over Nichols Field in the Philippines.  Also on that same day the USS Intrepid was hit by a Kamikaze pilot and badly damaged.

Edward Toaspern received appointment as Lieutenant (jg) on February 1, 1945 and on February 14, 1945 he once again reported to VF-31 for a second tour of duty. After completing photo school at Barbours Point, he became the photo officer on the USS Belleau Wood (CVL-24).  On July 24, 1945 he was credited with a direct bomb hit on the battleship ISE in Kure Harbor. 35 minutes after scoring his final 2 kills (Zekes) over the coast of Japan on August 15, 1945, all planes were recalled as WW2 officially ended.

Engagements flown in which Lt. (jg) Toaspern shot down enemy aircraft:


Medals Awarded to Lieutenant (jg) Toaspern while serving with VF-31 and VF-18

Lt (jg) Toaspern was detached from VF-31 on October 25, 1945 and assigned to NAS Glenview Illinois and later to NAS Corpus Christi Texas for Flight Instructor School.  He was released from active duty on May 18, 1946.

Returning to civilian life he worked as a paving contractor and married Barbara Wickes in June 1950.

Edward Toaspern died while piloting a private plane in Barryville, NY on October 15, 1950.

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