Lt. Cornelius Nooy

Lt. C. N. Nooy - World War 2 naval Ace with 19 aerial victories aboard USS Belleau Wood 1945Lieutenant Cornelius Nicholas Nooy:

Navy Ace with 19 Aerial Victories to his credit.

Born in Smithtown Long Island NY. on April 15, 1921.

He graduated from Long Island High School in 1939 and studied horticulture at the New York State Institute of Agriculture before entering the Naval Aviation Cadet Program in August of 1942 and received his wings in January 1943.

On May 1, 1943 Ens. Nooy was attached to the newly formed Fighter Squadron 31 (VF-31) under the command of Lt. Cmd. Robert Winston at NAS Atlantic City New Jersey.

Ens. Nooy along with the other members of VF-31 were assigned to the USS Cabot, flying the Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighter.  He served with VF-31 onboard the USS Cabot from September 1943 until October 1944.  During the time that USS Cabot was engaged in hostilities from January 1944 through September 1944 Lt. Nooy became a Naval Ace with 15 confirmed aerial victories to his credit.

Lt. Nooy flew as the wingman to both Air Group commanding officers.  Flying as Lt. Cmdr Winston's wingman in division 1 and flying as wingman for Lt. Cmdr Wallace.

Lt. Nooy was one of the original 10 pilots from VF-31 who signed up for a second tour of duty which was served aboard the USS Belleau Wood.  In that second tour he downed 4 more enemy planes bringing his total to 19 aerial victories and became the highest scoring Light Carrier (CVL) Ace and the 4th highest scoring ace in the US Navy.

Engagements flown in which Lieutenant Nooy shot down enemy aircraft:

Medals Awarded to Lieutenant Nooy while serving with VF-31

After the war Connie Nooy moved back to his native New York but stayed in the naval reserve and in 1952 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.  He was vice president of the American Partition Company and ran for political office in Branchberg NY in 1954.

Cornelius Nooy passed away at the age of 36 on March 12, 1958 from cancer.

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